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Xanthi: The Tsichla Chaidou Forest, a protected monument of nature

[XANTHI] Going uphill from the village of Karyofyto and passing the village of Livaditis, you reach the virgin forest of Chaidou. It is an impressive 18-hectare area with centenarian beeches over 30 metres tall and with a diameter of 1-1.3 metres. 

In the greater Chaidou area, there are many rare birds, such as the Wood Grouse, the Black Woodpecker and the Long-tailed Tit, and wild animals, such as bears, deer, wolves, wild boars, foxes, skunks and squirrels. Depending on the season, you can photograph rare endemic plants there. You can spend the night a the doll-like wooden houses in the lovely forest village of Erymanthos past Livaditis. 

A trail begins from this spot that takes you to the Liaditis waterfall (also known as Trachonio), the largest in the Balkan and one of the most important sights for every visitor. Following the downhill path for 2km, you pass through a beautiful beech forest. The route takes 2.5 hours round-trip. The unique view of this magnificent waterfall, with waters cascading from a height of 40 metres, make this visit most worthwhile.